First blog post…Hi from planet earth my name is mom 

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Hi my name is Alicia I’m 38 years old mother of 3 boys,age,12 5 and 3 I work full-time and just give months ago got back with my boyfriend after a long hard separation he is,also the father of my two youngest sons,we did not get a very good start in life and well the middle is,still coming with obstacles and challenges a lot of debt and struggle so I’m going to figure it all out.. transportation childcare education..budgets planners,shopping providing bills getting out of debt side ways,to make money meals baking parenting 101 etc it’s going to be exciting it’s going to be hard before it gets easy and I will remember to stop and,smell the roses 🤓

Where did the cowboys go …

where is,my John wayne,.i do believe in love i know that most men are,good guys,I just seem to want to help too much and that’ put with men that need too much help I’m all with growing and building together as,a,team I will love you and you love me scratch my back and I will scratch yours,I just want to be able to share,the same goals,and start and finish them just create,an okay life with love and support and lots of laughing

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Being in an abusive relationship and how to cope

Being in an abusive relationship usually is very gradual and never obvious it just kind of creeps up on you one day when you realize you have accepted and looked away from so much behavior that you know is not acceptable or right and once upon a time you would’ve never put up with . Once you was the strongest woman you knew who didn’t deal or tolerate an ounce of disrespect who knew their worth to crippled in fear because your abuser knows how strong you are and in order to control you has to break you down mentally and physically until you almost think you deserve this life and he tells you many times how everyone thinks your mean and a horrible person and everyone thinks your a bitch and you are the only one that acts the way you act and how dare you stand up against him and tell him he is wrong you will be the ultimate bitch and he will hold a grudge for so long that sooner or later you will be apologizing to him his abuse will make you question your own sanity and worth which is what your abuser wants they will never lift you up or praise you no that would not benefit them because they have such low esteem they have to break yours down the isolation will make you always go back to him due to he is all you have each and every time the sense of entrapment is such a way that makes you want to run away so badly yet have no where to go so you stay to cope with being in an abusive relationship.

  1. Find a support team or person at least one person you can vent to and they can listen to you and that really care about you this person sometimes is your lifeline
  2. Secretly build a plan on leaving one day at a time just never give up
  3. Pray which should of been 1 and 2 also….pray pray pray it’s so very important god loves you gives you strength
  4. Spend as much time away from.the abuser as possible even under the same roof
  5. Focus on ways to build yourself up stay positive always
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Living with an alcoholic and the ways it changes you

I was young and single for the majority of my life I was making 70000 a year plus with no children and only a high school education I was also very social ..i was called a social butterfly once ..hard to believe now if you knew me .I went to bars and dinners and clubs and even brunches were i had a cocktail or two or three always a good time always went to work always did what I had to do never did my social behavior or drinking interfere with my responsibilities and goals even after my first child at the age of 26 I still could socially enjoy a cocktail or two with friends .I then moved in with my boyfriend and we went out and had drinks etc however his drinking just never stopped it was a whole different level of drinking I never saw or even knew I mean I heard about alcoholics seen then however never on this personal level ..its very draining and hurtful you love someone and by 9 at night they are zombies they don’t know who they are and well in time and years it changes you in many ways some are

  1. You no longer drink at all not even wine it’s just no longer fun
  2. You no longer are social due to the fact if you go anywhere with your alcoholic half you know it’s only matter of time before they become a zombie
  3. You look at the acceptance of social drinking as not a good thing anymore ..all drinking to you is bad and destroys lives and families
  4. You can’t trust anyone even thier own family will hang out and drink with them knowing it’s destroying their home and self …that is a hard for me ..i guess as long as they don’t have to see the after effect it’s okay for them
  5. You lose confidence within yourself being around that day after day

I’m a fall girl the season for change 5 reasons,to love fall

Fall is,my favorite season for so many reasons,just going outside smelling the air and seeing the,leaves is,good enough for me to love fall here are 5 reasons,to love fall among so many more,to follow

  1. Sweaters and boots yes that’s probably 2 reasons,lol the,wardrobe,for fall is fabulous,and fun
  2. Walks in the fall are much longer and peaceful
  3. Pumpkin spice everything…coffee donuts ..yogurt …ice cream…pumpkin spice is,so nice
  4. My birthday is in November 😀 had to throw that in there
  5. School starts,bookbags and pencils,erasors projects new friends,new stories

5 steps to losing weight

I have to say most of my younger years i was lucky i was a size 2 to 4 and I ate whatever i wanted mostly now being almost 40 that seems to have changed also my needs seemed to have also changed my sugar intake lately is at an all time high and I seem to really want it where when I was younger I didn’t seem to have this craving that I now have to im at my highest weight and it’s finally at the point where I need to lose it i just don’t like myself at this point body wise I’m starting small 5 pounds at a time with baby steps here is the starting plan

  1. Stop drinking all sugar drinks and no more coffee light and sweet that’s just horrible back to skim milk and splenda until I quit coffee.
  2. Eat breakfast ..oatmeal fruit yogurt
  3. Drink 5 bottles of water a day at work it’s free so all I need to do is make sure I fill up my water bottle 5 times a day I will set up a schedule on what time I need to be done with each bottle
  4. Get sleep my sleeping habits are not good at all lately I’m tired all the time need to get a better sleep plan im trying to make my bedroom an oasis
  5. Eat smaller portions ..even when I’m not full each and every time I eat a meal i will cut the portion in half and eventually my stomach will shrink when I stop filling it and stretching it going to stop eating until I’m full

Everywhere you go people are looking Down ..on their phones

Oh my goodness everywhere I go people are looking Down at their cellphones it really freaks me the park I sit on the bench while my boys swing on a swing or slide down the slide and look around and at least 4 out of 5 parents are looking Down at the phone it’s really depressing no one is playing with your kids even when I’m out at restaurants i look around and again everyone at the table is looking Down at the phone no conversations amongst each other and now there are these game pads,on your table in chain restaurants that promotes playing games instead talking to each other i once saw people standing outside all looking Down and I thought oh that’s nice everyone is praying .. I was wrong they were all looking Down on the phone..when I sit in the doctors office in the waiting room everyone is on the phone no reading no paying attention to whomever they are with i actually make it a point to bring a book with me and pull it out and read it places,i go and I hope i can lead by example and maybe someone else might think to read a book and put the phone down .it’s getting worse and worse it’s now all ages on the phone there is no more interacting with people only electronics i secretly wish one day that we would lose the use of phones for at least 24 hours just to come back to reality just a little